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bulletm2-hp v5.6.11 (downgrade...but!...)

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bulletm2-hp v5.6.11 (downgrade...but!...)

Good day,

I acquired a new US model Bullet M2-HP (mfr  test date: 10/23/17), the installed AirOS sw is v5.6.11 (XM).

On the Ubiquiti AirMax Legacy Software Download Site for this model (URL) I only see the following legacy version for download:
- no v5.5.x versions shown
- only one version present, XS2.ar2316.v4.0.4.5074.150724.1340.bin

The Ubiquity U-Boot test results were: Bad (Version) / Pass (Map) so I understand I need to downgrade to v5.5.x per instructions but I don't see that version available on the support website. I downloaded the config, etc in the interim from the bullet at it's current (unsupported) version.

Any help is appreciated, I have had two Loco M2's and an AirRouter HP up and running for a while.

73, David kk4zuu

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You NO LONGER need to worry
You NO LONGER need to worry about AirOS versions with AREDN   Just install AREDN (factory firmware version) via the TFTP install procedure.
No U-Boot Tester required either.

We've solved that issue.

bullet m2-hp -thanks-
Ok, is there somewhere I could have read that update before posting? I did look around. Thanks!
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We just spent some time this
We just spent some time this morning re-working the downloads page/instructions.
Off the website main menu, click "Software".   It contains the instructions for
Bullet-M2HP-XM -successful-
That was painless, thanks to all/former developers for this project.

- bullet m2hp xm model (was v5.6.11), after load of aredn- via TFTP, it's joined my existing network

73, David kk4zuu [FM18GT, Centreville, Virginia]
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Glad it worked for you! 
Glad it worked for you!  Thanks.

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