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Bullet type identification

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Bullet type identification

I'm managing 4ea Bullet M2 nodes on roofs and towers, so physical access is difficult.
In the past, the type of M2 hardware didn't seem to matter (or i've been lucky), so i don't have records for serial/model numbers.
It seems that the newest version of the firmware has 3 different versions, depending on what type of bullet it is being installed on.

The firmware chart shows:
Bullet M2 Titanium      needs   aredn-
Bullet M2 (XM)            needs   aredn-
Bullet M2 (XW)            needs   aredn-

Our M2 Bullets have whatever firmware came before 3.20.3.
To avoid tower mounted bricks, is there any way to SSH in and ask the router what kind of M2 Bullet it is?


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Get the board ID

After SSHing into the device, get the board ID by using the command:


​The result will look something like: 0xe2c4

If board ID = 0xe2c4 device is a Bullet M2 XW
If board ID = 0xe2d2 device is a Bullet M2 Titanium HP
If board ID = 0xe202 device is a Bullet M2 HP

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Hardware identification

The hardware identification on the Administration page was added not too long ago.  If they have older software, that method's not available.  The method Randy proposed will work, but you can also access the JSON information page on the node at http://<nodename>:8080/cgi-bin/sysinfo.  That page contains the hardware information, among other things.

Orv W6BI

Hardware identification

OK, thanks all.  i'll try it this week.

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