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Bullet M2 running hot

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Bullet M2 running hot


Following a discussion on Facebook, I compared the temperature of my bullets M2. I have 3 of them running Ubiquiti firmware 5.5.10 and 2 running AREDN The ones running AREDN are significantly warmer than the ones running Ubiquiti. They are all running similar modes (2362MHz/5MHZ full power for Ubiquiti and 2397MHz/5MHz full power for AREDN). 2 of them are in the same room at 22C. I checked the temperature with an IR camera. The Ubiquiti hotspot is at 30C while the AREDN is at 48C. The hotspot are at the same spot of the devices (left of the B of bullet when they are vertical). Is somebody observed the same issue?

73 de Remi F6CNB

Bullets have always been a

Bullets have always been a warmer running device. I would guess because of the limited air space internally providing less self convection and limited area to disperse.

The area you describe is right around where one of the core chips is (with a chip size heatsink)  its outside the RF cage part of the box. I don't recall for sure off hand which chip it is off hand I can't recall for sure if it was the master SOC or not.

A key note to remember when comparing a Stock Ubiquiti AirOS device to an AREDN node is that a stock AirOS Ubiquiti node is doinrg nothing, it is just sitting there, the only work it does is send out beacon packets which is a low level minimal processing task.  An AREDN node however is running the routings daemon, sending network advertisements, and dozens of other tasks even when it has no one to talk to to be sure its ready for when packets come in. 

Most of my Bullets are lab units honestly,  Rocket M2's and NanoStation M2's have given me much better performance (with the dual chain support) than a bullet so it hasn't been that big of a concern, but yes I've felt them run hot when touched compared to other devices, just seems to be how they are built.  If ya check the Ubiquiti forums it comes up from time to time, and all have had good reports that while they run hot they seem to survive field deployment.



The bullet with the standard ubiquiti firmware was not running idle but was streaming a low resolution webcam on the european hamnet (about 250kb/s).

The same high temperature exists on nanostations M5 with AREDN firmware which are also running about 15degC above the same conditions with Ubiquiti firmware.

On the quality of the bullet , I agree. A rocket M5 with a mimo (10 or 13dB) antenna performs better than a bullet what ever is the antenna gain.

I am handling around 10 HAMNET europe sites in the Paris area. We use rocket M5 and 13db MIMO antenna for most of the user access and NanoBeam/Powerbeam M5 (400 or 620mm) for most of the backbones (between 5 to 20 miles at speed from 10Mbps up to 72Mbps in a 10MHz BW). The users are mainly using the Nanostation M5.

73 Remi F6CNB (or W5/F6CNB Frelsburg,Texas)




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