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Bullet M2 HP XW - Bricked it.

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Bullet M2 HP XW - Bricked it.
Due to a foul-up during the initial firmware flash, I've bricked the node - it's a brand new Bullet M2HP XW revision.  I removed power too quickly after the flash before the firmware was successfully installed.

Attempting to reflash, the device successfully goes into TFTP mode, but the IP address is unknown - it doesn't answer to

In previous versions/devices, I've been able to attach a serial interface to the unit, interrupt the boot loader and rewrite the stock IP address (

After opening this device up, I see that it no longer has a serial header (there are pads there, but no header).

Has anyone successfully unbricked one of these?  Help is appreciated!  Does anyone know if the serial interface pads are actually connected, and simply putting a header to connect to would get me in?
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you probably just need to
you probably just need to solder pins on the pads.
My thoughts as well - but
My thoughts as well - but hoping someone else has done it to validate those pads are actually connected to something on the new board revision.
The pads *are* connected.  Soldered a 4-pin header in and connected my USB/Serial interface.  Was able to get to the console and successfully interrupt the boot process and run "urescue -f -e" to reset and load stock firmware.  All good now. 

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