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Bullet 2HP (FCC ID: SWX-B2)

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Bullet 2HP (FCC ID: SWX-B2)
I have acquired a Bullet 2HP (FCC ID: SWX-B2) and it has a non-functioning reset button on the unit and when I try to use the POE reset, it does go into the proper light sequence for a reset.  It will not take the AREDN firmware like my other two Bullet (which are the Bullet M2 (FCC ID: SWX-M2B)).  I did go the the UBNT web browser and was able to upload the Bullet to a more current firmware of XS2.ar2316.v4.0.4.5074.150724.1340

I see the OpenWrt that Not recommended for future use with OpenWrt due to low flash/ram, so I assume I have a unit that can not be used due to it being an earlier verison with low RAM.

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This device has 4MB Flash and
This device has 4MB Flash and 16MB RAM.    AREDN firmware requirements are a minimum of 8MB Flash and 32MB RAM.    Recommend only buying devices with 16MB+ of FLASH and 64MB+ of RAM.    


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