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build failure

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build failure

Thanks to all the developers.  I continue to be impressed with the
quality of AREDNMESH software - really quite amazing.

I've installed the aredn/builder into docker, and brought up the
container.  That image built without problem, and the container runs fine.

I ran the container and did a successful  git update.

When I try to build using:        $ sudo make

It returns an error and suggests running:     $ sudo  make -j1 V=s
which also fails (quickly).

Here is the console output:
Anyone here know what I might be doing wrong?

--Tom,  N5EG


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Wanna Help?

Hi Tom, while you're waiting for one of our developers to reply, if you're interested in assisting in AREDN development send me an email:

Andre, K6AH
Project Manager
The AREDN Project

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two things...

two things...

  1. git pull    (not git update)
  2. make    (not sudo make)
Hi Darryl, Thanks.    Yes,

Hi Darryl, Thanks.    Yes, the command I used was git pull  (there is no command 'git update').  The documentation
recommends this, although that is probably redundant since the make script does a git pull straight away, and then
checks out a detached head.  So what is being built appears to not be the head of the repository.

make without sudo fails instantly due to permission problems.

-- Tom, N5EG


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Here's a quick video tutorial

Here's a quick video tutorial of starting the build....

Thank you, Darryl.   It built

Thank you, Darryl.   It built correctly and produced the appropriate binaries. Have not yet tested the
upgrade binary for my nano-m-xw.

Not sure which step changed things:

1. I originally created the container from the image using, then started it.
1. Revised: I deleted that container and instead used 'run' from the host command line using the run syntax from the docs
(and matching your video) thus building a new container and starting it.

2. I originally did not edit  (thus NoCall and =-j3)
Instead I edited with N5EG and =-j5

3. git pull
4. make

That worked correctly and built the full package of binaries. I was able to copy the needed one from
the container and onto my host.

Many thanks for your prompt and expert help !

-- Tom, N5EG


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no problem.  Glad you got'er

no problem.  Glad you got'er working.  Good luck!


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