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NA7RF no longer accessible
So, I have some old Linksys devices.  They are flashed with the broadband-hamnet image and do work.  They just don't work very well because they are low power, low memory, and getting a decent antenna that works very well.  At least this is what I have found.

That being said, I was trying to get to the website which does not work.  I checked the DNS records and it appears the domain no longer exists.  If it doesn't exist, maybe the domain name renewal came up and the owner decided it wasn't worth renewing.

Am I doing something wrong?  Do I have the wrong web address?

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I do wonder how much of it
I do wonder how much of it was saved here?*/ 
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Back Up seems to be up. Took a long time to load. seems to be up also. Both look like they have the same content.

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