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Brit needing help with a tunnel connection please

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Brit needing help with a tunnel connection please

Hi there Folks
I am based in SE England, in the county of Kent (JO00lx), UK.
We are trying to build-up a Mesh network over here, and I was wondering if anyone could help us, as we start to take those early steps?
I have a tunnel client with no server to point to, and wondered if anyone had a spare server slot I could use? I think this would help me to encourage other users to come on board, if they can see links beyond our county, to the wider world.
I’d be grateful for any support you could give.
Thanks for your time.
Best 73

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Tunnel Server

We can help you.   Drop me a note with your nodename.
Orv W6BI

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Thanks Orv

Will do

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