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Bridge - Firmware WA v 7.2.1

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Bridge - Firmware WA v 7.2.1
All - Just received the latest Ubiquiti Power Beam AC systems, with firmware version WA v 7.2.1.  Mode supplied is BRIDGE

Since the furnished GUI will not let me install the AREDN software, how is it done with this device which does not
function like the ones listed in the installation procedure using TFTP.  When powered-off and then ON and holding
what appears to be the reset button, the lights do not change color and blink as noted.

Does anyone have experience with this unit and latest firmware version.

All help greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance  73 - Ken Miller, K6CTW
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AREDN does not support any of
AREDN does not support any of the Ubiquiti 802.11ac devices.
AC Device
Thanks.  The vendor shows them as the older model you do support, but this is what came.  Guess I'll just use it in bridge mode.  73 - ken

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