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Bricked my Head - DtD

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Bricked my Head - DtD
There are days - and then there days.

I have ARHP on 3.16 and and WRT54GL on 3.1.0 BBHN.  I hook a LAN port on the WRT to Port 4 on the ARHP and hope to see DTD.  Nothing seen.  Did I miss some parameter?  I have successfully DtDed on other WRTs in the past, so guess I have bricked my head.

Advice appreciated.

Vance - KC8RGO
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Is your Linksys modified for DTD?
You might check your Linsys and verify that the port you are connecting to is also configured for DTD.
bbhn dtd arhp
I have read about dtd enabling on the WRT to WRT dtd links, but do not remember having to do that when going to an AREDN dtd port on the ARHP.  Trying to get ready for Field Day - and would like to work the WRTs into the Aredn mesh.
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To be clear - DTD must be enabled on the LINKSYS.  DTD is already enabled on LAN Port 4 on the AirRouter models with AREDN firmware loaded.
Yup, U R right!  The older
Yup, U R right!  The older versions of BBHN were plug and play (just found out) and that is why I had plug and play success before and @#$% now.

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Yes, I believe somewhere in the "olden days" the BBHN Firmware had DTD set up, but they removed it when they discovered a problem with the Realtek LAN devices.  I believe it is now ducumented to that fact in the BBHN DTD document.  (Well written I might add).  I wish someone would do a similar writeup for setting up the AirRouter DTD ports.. or point me to it!
My bad, I do not get back to
My bad, I do not get back to the BBHN docs very often.  I used a spare NSM2 and set it for BBHN, then DtD worked immediately via the NSM2.  I used the BBHN several months ago when it did work DtD .  Thanks for the response.

BBHN DtD'ed good with Vi Now what

Ok, I successfully did the DtD mod on a BBHN, wrt54g v4 with VI.
This BBHN is standard setup.
It appears to be on Lan port 4 on the 54G, I followed directions in
I verified with VI after I made the two changes to /etc/vlan and /etc/config.mesh/network and did the save and reboot.
I connect BBHN node to my AREDN node on port 4 on ARHP.
Both the link led's are on on wrt54g port 4 and ARHP port 4
What to do now?
I go back to localnode:8080 and can't see it on AREDN.
What am I doing wrong?
Shouldn't I see the BBHN in Mesh Status...
de kb5nft


A key note that is shown in the original here on AREDN inline that is only shown on the bottom of the link you reviewed is that the numbers CAN be different.   Some devices are internally numbered 0-4 others are numbered 4-0. The number scheme starts with the WAN port. The WRT54G v4 is one of these devices where the order is different. You might try changing ports to see if that is the case ( contrary to the SOAZ mesh page it is actually likely the WAN port now as the 0-4 mapping does including the WAN port)

Of course make sure the BBHN device is running 3.x.x as well.

IF that doesn't solve it you may want to open a different thread of your own as this is an older thread.

Tech Ref:
Internal Hardware Structure:

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