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best harware to use

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best harware to use
 I know that 5g is the best for range but are there any that stand out above the rest as far as power out put an range
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Mikrotik for most Bang for the Buck
May not be the biggest range because of a slightly smaller dish size, but the Mikrotik LHG series give an amazing bang for the bucks.  A small fraction of what you would pay for a Rocket.  Available in a couple different arrangements.
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Mikrotik for most Bang for the Buck
Lately I have been creating point-to-point links using the Mikrotik SXTsq-5[HP]nD. $50/$60[HP] (prefer the HP)
If there is not enough gain I upgrade one or both ends to a Mikrotik LHG-5[HP][XLHP]nD. $60/$70[HP]/$80[XLHP] (prefer the XLHP)
The end easiest to access gets the LHG first.

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