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In Austin for NI Week

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In Austin for NI Week

I'm coming from Foxboro, MA and I've been trying to set up a mesh here but there isn't anyone else nearby on AREDN.
I'll be at the Holiday Inn Town Lake and I'll bring my NanoStation M2 on AREDN and an WRT54G that hasn't been programmed yet. I'm on Ch2. I'll see if I can get into something while I'm there. If I need to change channels I can do so.
Chuck Lippmeier
Warm greetings from Austin! 
Warm greetings from Austin!  I am, so far as I know, the only AREDN station up in Austin yet, though there are tons of BBHN nodes.

I've got a nanostation M2 on channel -2, and not very far from the NI campus.  It would be a stretch I think from where you're staying downtown, but still interesting to see if we could connect at all.  I've got MeshChat and Video Chat, and a WINLINK NPO running on the device as well.  It would be awesome if we could connect and I'm really interested in someone else testing the NPO if possible :D   My email is kb2zvp [at],, or :D


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