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Aussie Ham seeking AREDN Tunnel

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Aussie Ham seeking AREDN Tunnel

Hi everyone. I'm an amateur on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. I'm new to AREDN and trying to find a local feed here in VK but no luck yet. Could anyone with high speed internet assist with tunnel access for me to the network?

My node name would be VK4PUP-Home

Any assistance and advice appreciated as I'm new to this! Thank you


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Hi again everyone.

Greetings from Australia!   I have been putting out the feelers over here in VK for other AREDN enthusiasts, but I am still hitting a brick wall....I really would like to get into this and so any assistance connecting me with someone that can help would be appreciated.

Anyone that is ok to provide me with Tunnel Access for the short term would really be appreciated !!


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Thank you !

I wanted to express my thanks to 2 hams from different countries who have been awesome in providing assistance. i wont name them here, but guys its really great....I was struggling here in VK to get connected and I really wanted to join up to AREDN.

We now have a server running so we can offer both client and server tunnel connections....would be interested to connect with anyone who has a lot of direct RF connections on their AREDN node so as to strengthen our system over here...please make contact.


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Hi, I'd like to be a tunnel

Hi, I'd like to be a tunnel client.
My node name is


I'll need the info for"server" "pwd" and "network"

Thanks  73s  Bob

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