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Attempting to set up web site on USB stick on Openwrt, DD-WRT or GL-AR150

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Attempting to set up web site on USB stick on Openwrt, DD-WRT or GL-AR150

In another post I described the use of a separate router running OpenWRT as a web server, by placing the html and image files in a special directory in the router's flash.  Or in the router's ram, but if you power cycle or reboot, those files are gone.  Ideally, I'd want to use a USB stick (more memory, and I could detach it and write the html and place image files using my PC.  And no router flash waste or resetting. 

But I attempted to install the USB mod to a Linksys WRT54G v2 (hardware was a bit hard, but compared to the software part, it was a piece of cake).  Installed the various files the OpenWRT web site says to do, but I just can't get it to work well enough where  I could actually see the files on the USB stick.  Oh, I could cat /dev/sda1 and get lots of junk on the SSH screen, and I could see an LED on the USB stick showing reading activity, but no luc doing an ls command.   There must be some step that experts in linux know without having to think about it (kinda like "unpack your new HF rig, connect the coax to its antenna jack, connect the coax to your HF antenna, and enjoy".  Not mentioned but essential "connect up the power cord", which a hardware guy like myself would know.) 

Okay, I have a DD-WRT WRT54G v2 router and I also did the USB mod on.  I was able to look at the files on the stick here.  However, if I try to connect to web files I'd have on that stick via a web page I'd get "

400 Bad Request

Cross Site Action detected! "  error, and the suggested fix: nvram set no_crossdetect=1 and nvram commit does not fix this issue. 

The only thing I found that works is to get a

GL-AR150  described at (which now runs on OpenWRT version  Chaos Calmer 15.05 and set the port to 8008 and connect to its WAN port to the AREDN node's LAN.  Have the AR150 WAN port set to DCHP client.  I also set its LAN to a static IP address, and connected that to my house network ( and somehow that doesn't screw things up).  I then set it up as an advertised service at the AREDN node it's connected to, lining to "index.htm" I put on the USB stick. 

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