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Attaching multiple nodes to Microtik HAP Lite

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Attaching multiple nodes to Microtik HAP Lite

Here's my situation:

I want to attach all of the following to my HAP Lite:

1) A long range POE 2G dish (which will capture a long-range AREDN connection)
2) A POE 5G sector antenna (to provide a 5G connection across a park)
3) A POE camera
4) A POE IP phone
5) A laptop

I have a POE hub I can use to power everything up all the POE devices, but I'm not so sure that they should all be plugged into DTD port 5.

So my idea is to plug all the POE devices into the hub an then plug the hub into ports 2,3 or 4.  The laptop can use either wifi or port 2,3 or 4.

Do I need to turn on tunnels in the devices?

Does this seem like a workable solution?


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Mark, for AREDN devices, you'll need a POE switch hung off of port 5.
Non-AREDN devices have to come off of ports 2-4, as they're ordinary IP devices and will get IP addresses from the hAP.
If the three ports aren't enough, hang a dumb Ethernet switch off of one of them for port expansion.  If any of them need POE you can use external injectors, or bite the bullet and get another POE switch for those devices.

Orv W6BI

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Thanks Orv.  Dang.  I was trying to consolidate 4 power supplies to one.  But by adding one more POE hub I can at least get rid of one power source and narrow it all down to 2 plus have expansion for 4 more devices if needed.

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