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Atomic PI

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Atomic PI

For those that are interested the Atomic PI costs the same as a Raspberry PI but is intel based and has more power.
They are also on Amazon

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Not really ...

Sounded interesting, until I read some of the comments on one of the Amazon product pages: "I think any potential buyer should know this board is not designed for the purpose as being sold as a SBC. The name 'pi' suggests it is a Raspberry Pi equivalent or even better. Well, it is not. This is the brain of a product called Kuri by Mayfield Robotics that never made it to market. That product was to be a robot you could talk to and have do certain actions. Mayfield went belly up and this is flipped stock, hence the price. Does that make it a bad product? No, but it seems awkward when looking at its features and design."

- sigh -

- Don - AA7AU

Functional, but must recognize and work with its limitations

Don is correct: the Atomic Pi is a surplus sale device so once the stock is gone, the odds of more devices being built is questionable.  Read Hackaday's article about the Atomic Pi here (includes links to other reference to vet their observations):

I purchased one and fashioned my own power connection instead of waiting for and purchasing the auxiliary board that the Atomic Pi originators offer (   I couldn't find a fully-enclosed case, so I'm 3D-printing one.  

I finally booted it a couple weeks ago, and it works pretty well.  The Cherrytrail processor has very good performance, including a decent integrated graphics engine.  I haven't identified a use for it yet, but I can see some network-based applications for it, i.e. it would be a good AREDN resource if kept within its limitations.  It only has one USB jack on it, so I immediately had to attach a USB hub to connect a keyboard and mouse simultaneously.  It also has a NIC onboard, so it can be connected to AREDN without adding anything.  And therein lies the caveat:

To get much more functionality will require attaching more hardware, including WiFi and Bluetooth antennas.  I suggest carefully assessing how much using the Atomic Pi will cost compared to other complete solutions--including the Raspberry Pi.  The APi is Intel architecture-based, so that enables a large existing base of software. 

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