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Is ath71 support deprecated

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Is ath71 support deprecated
Hi All,

I checked the supported hardware matrix and decided to buy a pair of Ubiquiti Litebeam 5 (LBE-M5-23-US) since the matrix showed the hardware was supported (light green). But when I checked available firmware, I see that ath71 based hardware is only supported till 3.22.12. Going over OpenWRT forums, what I understand is that while ath71 targets can be ported to the latest OpenWRT (and Aredn) firmware but it requires work and that hasn't happened. 

Long story short, should I return the Litebeam-5 radios? Are other people still using them? If yes, are you planning to replace them soon? 


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 That version of the Litebeam is quite old,  I recommend returning them if possible.

On the other hand, the LiteBeam AC5 Gen2  is a GREAT little device.  Lots of gain, newer technology at a reasonable price.

Hope this helps.

Orv W6BI
Thanks Orv. Would that be the
Thanks Orv. Would that be the LBE-5AC-Gen2? And also the LBE-5AC-LR? Just want to be sure because there are so many similarly named models :) 
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Ubiquiti LiteBeam 5AC Gen2
I am not familiar with the '-LR', but the Ubiquiti LiteBeam 5AC Gen2
works fine in my test setup.

73, Chuck

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Thanks Chuck. I bought a used
Thanks Chuck. I bought a used 'PBE-5AC-GEN2to try out since I saw firmware for it in the downloads repository. The support matrix labels it as "untested" so I will test it and share results with the forum :) 
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? The support matrix labels it as "untested" ?

LiteBeam AC5 Gen2 LBE-5AC LBE-5AC-US 5 ath79 generic ubnt_litebeam-ac-gen2 64MB stable released
LiteBeam AC5 LR LBE-5AC-LR LBE-5AC-LR-US 5 ath79 generic ubnt_litebeam-ac-lr 64MB stable released

73, Chuck
Powerbeam, not Litebeam :)
Hi Chuck, sorry, I know I asked about the Litebeam but then ended up buying the Powerbeam AC Gen2 - PBE-5AC-Gen2. Should get delivered next week and then I report back on how it is behaving :) 

73 - WV6U

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