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Asterisk16 on GL-iNet-AR

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Asterisk16 on GL-iNet-AR

I have asterisk16 and chan-sip loaded on my GL iNet AR300M16.
It is sip-trunked to my rasPBX.
I have 2 IP phones sip-registered.

I tried to dial the other phone:
[Mar 24 19:53:55] ERROR[2304][C-00000001]: rtp_engine.c:489 ast_rtp_instance_new: No RTP engine was found. Do you have one loaded?

Next, I need to find out what a RTP is and how to configure it.

 73, Chuck


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Nightly Build 1079 released late in the day.

I was not expecting a Nighly Build to be released in the middle of the day.
I will load currently nightly (1079) and reinstall asterisk16, chan-sip, and chan-rtp.
I hope chan-rtp is the missing module.



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Asterisk16 on GL-iNet-AR

Is now Asterisk16 on GL-iNet-AR750, Nightly 1094.
I have 2 extensions and 1 trunk.
Extensions can dial each other.
Working on trunk configuration so I can 'dial-out' to my 'main' local-AREDN-PBX.
flash=4664KB. So, there is quite a bit of RAM still available.
Memory=67308KB. So this should install on a 64 MB RAM device.
Last item will be to complete the install automation.


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