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w6unx DNS sub-domain delegation


any chance the administrators of the domain would delegate a sub-domain; to a few nameservers that I control?


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How about

Billy at al,
I am thinking that the use of the two letter state abbreviations would be better.
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT 

re:How about

Aloha Gordon!

I am sure if they allow the sub-delegation, there will be naming scheme policies in place (Ultimately, their trademark, their policy). So it is a great question to put on the table. I am a firm believer of simplicity, and thought about the two letter version; but just used "hawaii". I am sure that typing pennsylvania (Not that you are from there; just that I picked a long state name) could get rather old. I would be okay with two letter abbreviation. 


What is your proposed reason

What is your proposed reason for needing to operate under the AREDN domain name?

re:What is your proposed reason

Hey Conrad, 

yes, it is a fine pleasure to meet you too! Fantastic job on the introduction; for a minute there, I thought you were just a troll asking a dumb question!

At any rate, the very first reason I thought of was the name; it is a great name.

Not that the name needs any additional marketing, but a name that is used in Hawaii could benefit your trademark!
It benefits the sub-domain operator from the expense and hassle of coming up with a name for his/her network.

Put aside the purposes for a minute and look at the bigger picture; because if you are going to allow sub-delegation, there will be some extra load on your primary DNS servers so the requests can find that glue record. There are tons of benefits; I will leave my primary purpose as the only one. Maybe others will chime in with their purpose and if there is any interest, then maybe something can take off from that, if not, I guess I will need to create a domain and continue on with my life.

You have a great day and weekend!
Billy Guthrie

w6unx DNS sub-domain delegation

Nevermind on the sub-domain delegation; with the recent events that resulted in the new domainname, it seems that a delegation would disrupt DNS in the even something like this would occur again. I will just come up with a brand new parent domain for use here in Hawaii. Thanks

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