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AREDN Topics at Pacificon

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AREDN Topics at Pacificon

Pacificon will be held this year from October 15th to 17th, in San Ramon, California.  It's one of the more significant ham conventions in the western United States (or so I'm told).

This year there will be several presentations on ham radio networking with AREDN software.  Although the official schedule of talks hasn't been published yet, we're told that these are scheduled for Saturday, the 16th:

  • Orv Beach W6BI 9 - 9:50am - Networking with AREDN Software
  • Mathison Ott KJ6DZB 10-10:50am - A State of MESH Presentation 2021
  • Greg Albrecht W2GMD 11-11:50am - Bay Area MESH

SFWEM (San Francisco Wireless Emergency Mesh) will have a booth at Pacificon and they'd love to chat with you.

There's also talk of an off-hours dinner get-together (pizza and beer maybe) one of the evenings.

If you'll be in the Bay area that weekend, consider dropping by!

Orv W6BI


Any idea if these will be
Any idea if these will be recorded?  I wont be in the area during the conference this year.
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I don't know - I'll ask around.

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