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AREDN SW Upgrade Uploading Difficulty

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AREDN SW Upgrade Uploading Difficulty

A few days ago I upgraded three Bullets, two Nano Stations, and a Nano Loco (all M2s) from AREDN to  Once I got started there was no problem.  Today I tried to upgrade a Rocket that was in operation (using a Raspberry Pi connected to a Nano Loco), and one Nano Station and one Nano Loco connected directly to a Windows PCs. In each case, the Upload process terminated with two error messages that looked something like

   *deb_extract:  /tmp/web/upload/newpkg.ipk: invalid magic
   *pkg_init_from_file: Failed to extract control file from /tmp/web/upload/newpkg.ipk

What is going on, and what should I do to fix it?  I am using the exact same files that worked three days ago.  Thanks.

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Looks like you may be hitting

Looks like you may be hitting the wrong button and trying to upgrade the firmware by hitting the upload PACKAGE button.

Software Upgrade

You are correct, sir! 
Maybe getting up at 0430 was not such a good idea.


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