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AREDN Release Candidate 2

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AREDN Release Candidate 2

AREDN Nightly build  20230719 has been designated as the second release candidate for the upcoming production release.  If no flaming issues are uncovered in the next few weeks, the production release will be made available.

Orv W6BI

Might I suggest that either a

Might I suggest that either a branch be created for the release candidates and commit sets be cherry picked on to it for building the release candidates. This will do two things. It will provide better visibility into what PRs/changes are making it in to the release candidate and it will allow the generated firmware to have a better representative name (i.e. upcoming release version noted as a release candidate) instead of a nightly name which does not have the release candidate context.

Given that there are not a lot of PRs in flux and if a PR is merged it is brought into the release (this is not really the case with a lot of application development as a PR may have other dependent PRs before it can be added to a release) then another option is to use a trailing tag. Each day the tag is updated to the HEAD so that when the firmware is built it will have the latest changes but still have a release candidate naming scheme to provide better context.


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