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Aredn on Raspberry Pi 4

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Aredn on Raspberry Pi 4

hello this is John, KD9QDL of auburn indiana and I am wondering if i can run aredn on a raspberry Pi 4. If possible could you direct me where i can download thye programming.

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AREDN software

John, the AREDN software is derived from OpenWrt, which is designed to run on wireless access points.   RPIs run Raspbian (now known as RaspiOS), a version of Debian Linux, which is similar to OpenWrt, but there are substantial differences.
While you could load the OLSR routing daemon that AREDN uses onto an RPI, which would make it appear as a node, there are no facilities to move any wireless radio available for an RPI into the ham radio bands.

Orv W6BI

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Bruce, W1BAW did a Raspberry

Bruce, W1BAW did a Raspberry Pi version found on github that I used on BBHN several years ago and with a few changes it may work with AREDN but don't expect to much. It did work better than the Linksys and it also had a tunneling page that I first ran my network with about 5 or 6 nodes.


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AREDN on Rasberry Pi does not

AREDN on Rasberry Pi does not have an open source driver, as previously mentioned, that we can tweak to put into the ham radio only channels.  Thus, it can not be fully supported by AREDN with same capability that all devices have.      There are a few unique customizations to OLSR and latest version is not available with numerous fixes to be compatible.  Long story short, anyone that tries to install OLSR, is a problematic situation to make a Rasberry Pi look like an AREDN device.

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