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AREDN node on pi (or any *nix)

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AREDN node on pi (or any *nix)
According to this comment thread, there has been some work in said direction.  I don't see much else on the forum along these lines.  I'd love to find out more about it.  I think it would be great if AREDN services could be run on a pi (or really, any *nix on arm64 or amd64).
Currently, I have an AirGrid M5.  Yes, it's a pretty underpowered radio, but it is what I have.  Running a tunnel server, maintaining OLSR and resolving DNS locally for *.local.mesh.  I pulled a Rocket M5 out of service to be used for a future install, but realistically, other radios will come and go, too.
On my network router, I run split DNS.  I use for my network's name resolution, except for *.local.mesh, which currently gets resolved on the AirGrid.
I want to point *.local.mesh of my split DNS server to a non-radio (such as a pi) which will maintain OLSR and/or tunnels for continuity of service.  Changing out radios (or failed radios, or failed PoE hardware, etc) would not require re-configuring my network router (think split DNS, port-forwarding for tunnel server, default route for 10/8...).  The much more robust pi can handle it.

Personally, I'm only interested in using the pi's Ethernet port for connectivity.  Although others might, I personally have no interest in re-purposing the pi's WiFi radio as a hotspot interface.

Thoughts? Direction? Much appreciated.  73 de Aaron KM6IAU

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