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AREDN Node Map

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AREDN Node Map

I am in the process of configuring a couple of AREDN nodes.  I input the decimal lat/long and grid square in the setup page and clicked on the "Upload data to AREDN Server" button to populate the node location on the AREDN map for the first node I am configuring.  I get an "AREDN online map updated" response back when I submit, but two days later the node does not appear on the map.

How long does it take for submission to appear online? If my VLAN tagging on my local network is not quite right and the data isn't making it out to the Internet would I get a different response?  

Follow up

Am I asking my question in the wrong place? I'm struggling with getting newly flashed nodes to report their network location so they are visible on the map. I am looking for some guidance or help with troubleshooting.

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Updates are usually posted almost immediately.  Be sure that the coordinates aren't sitting "on top" of another node at the same site or even the same node if it was configured for LAN and then MESH connected.  You must have a path to the internet in order for it to "publish". Be sure that you have the appropriate "-" in the longitude coordinates - otherwise it will end up being published somewhere in Asia. 

Give it a few minutes, refresh your browser and the node should show up on the map.

The firmware GUI screen will indicate that the AREDN MAP has been updated after successful transmission to the web site.

AREDN Node Map

Thanks for your response. I checked what you recommended. I am in an AREDN desert, so my coordinates do not overlap any other stations, and I have used the (-) sign to denote west longitude. The nodes I have configured have a path to the internet and are able to upload and download over the Internet. I get the "AREDN online map updated" response when I click on "Upload Data to AREDN Servers".

The two nodes I'm working with are Ubiquiti Rocket M-2's. Has anyone else reported trouble with these nodes reporting their location? Any other suggested steps to get these nodes on the map?

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AREDN firmware version

What AREDN firmware version do you have loaded on your nodes. When we moved from to the location that the lat/long were sent to changed.

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In the AREDN database, I see the following:
KA0WAS-Portable : without a lat/lon value
KA0WAS-rocker-m2-1: i see a lat/lon value.  still not on the map.    INVESTIGATING.....

UPDATE: Fixed!


Thank you

Woohoo! Thank you!

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