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AREDN Node Locations in Alabama II

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AREDN Node Locations in Alabama II
There are now nodes in Birmingham (KE4AHR) and Huntsville (KI4QWT). Interested parties are encouraged to contact me, as I am coordinating interconnecting the various sites and groups.
AE4FQ in Madison , AL just

AE4FQ in Madison , AL just ordered hardware a AREDN node is my next safer at home project

Awesome! I will contact you
Awesome! I will contact you to setup the tunnels.
KO4JDA in Decatur
Just learned about AREDN and looking to establish a node and work with folks locally.  Anyone in north Alabama willing to help me out?
Huntsville Alabama AREDN Nodes
We have many nodes in Huntsville that are not deployed, however they are deployable.  There are at least 12 working nodes with associated deployable hardware.  Maintenance and nodes are currently staffed by myself, KM4CJ, W4PPC, KK5H, AJ4PM, KV4PC and an additional 3 node at the Madison County EMA  that are not assembled.  All nodes are Ubiquiti radio based and variety of AREDN supported Network elements.  We are currently looking for some permanent locations within the HSV that are geographically linkable with the Hospitals and Red Cross.

Wayne Reed
Excellent! Let's please keep
Excellent! Let's please keep in mind that PtMP and PtP are two different things and permanent infrastructure requires solid backbone links.

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