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AREDN Mesh Presentation in Conroe, TX

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AREDN Mesh Presentation in Conroe, TX

This Thursday (Aug 13, 2015), 7:30pm

The Lone Star Convention Center, Conroe, TX

During the Montgomery County ARES monthly meeting, I'll be delivering a presentation on mesh network equipment options and how to load the AREDN firmware.

Get your questions answered regarding:
1) what type of radio should I buy?
2) what type of antenna should I use?
3) what microwave band should I use?
4) how do I load the mesh firmware on the radio?
If you are interested in microwave mesh networks, you are encouraged and welcomed to attend.  You do not need to be a member of ARES to attend.

Hate to revive an old thread
Hate to revive an old thread but I just moved to the area and I would love to learn more about the network and be involved with projects around here.

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