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AREDN has come to Maine!

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AREDN has come to Maine!

We have started a Mesh network in Maine. You will find a few nodes that have been listed on the map:

NG1P-4 a 5.8Ghz Rocket M5 and 13dB omni on Oak Hill in Brunswick Maine at the top of a 250 foot tower at K1MNW's QTH. (Thank you Bill!)
NG1P-1 is at my house at 65 feet using a Nanostation M5 (will be replacing with a Rocket and 19 dB 120 deg sector) 
NG1P-8 is at my house at 65 feet is a Rocket M2 on 2.4Ghz with a 9dB omni.

So far for services I have Meshchat running, BPQ32 packet node access, TeamTalk5 server running for voice and video.

This is just a good start but look forward to others joining and expanding the coverage and providing emergency communication. 
Here are a few coverage maps that I have shared:

360 deg. coverage map from Oak Hill:

Point to Point to and from Oak Hill to my house and some future nodes:

Future possible mesh sites. Is is a dream map and will require lots of approval. I will say that all the sites listed are repeater sites and most are DMR. Done right we could cover most of the whole state:

73 Bill NG1P


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FYI, you can customize the

FYI, you can customize the map to YOUR AREA if you want.

follow this pattern:

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Thank you

Good tip!

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The better map link
Checking in here in Maine!

I've been working with NG1P and K1MNW and have the third site up in Maine!  I also have a couple of co-workers that are interested, and may get their ham radio licenses so they can play AREDN with us.

-Dj, N1JOV

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DJ, Thanks for the note. Look forward to seeing others join in.

73 Bill NG1P

Greetings! Used to live in

Greetings! Used to live in Brunswick when i was at BIW, but as an OTR trucker I am all over the lower 48. I have my 5th wheel Camper in NH but to reach out to you guys we would have to do a tunnel.
73 - Dean

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Latest status in Maine?

Checking in to see if there are any new nodes or updates for Maine?


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With COVID-19 things has slowed down. We have an active 5.8Ghz node at OakHill, My home node on 5.8G and 2.4G plus N1JOV  DJ at his home in Topsham is connected and DJ has a node connected in over at the Brunswick airport. Still waiting for others to join in and exspand coverage. All are welcome.

I will say for services I have Teamtalk up and running for voip and file sharing comminications, My BPQ node on packet (145.01, 223.600 and 433.100) is on the ethernet side of the MESH so anyone can http://bpq-node.local.mesh:8008 and get into that node. Plus I have CACTI running just doing some simple ping tests making sure all node are reachable and measuring latency.

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Quick suggestion

It's always good operating procedure to name mesh-resident hosts to include a callsign so that the host is *unique* throughout any possible current/future mesh connections and therefore avoid naming/DNS conflicts. I have seen way too many hosts like rasperrypi.local.mesh etc show up and then get later added to a wider mesh with unfortunate consquences. "bqp-node" is certainly not unique; perhaps change to NG1P-bpq-node.local.mesh ???

- Don - AA7AU

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Great Point

Thanks.. We just have not grown to the point of seeing this issue. I have updated the DNS to now be ng1p-bpq-node.local.mesh. That should fix any future growth issues.
Thank you!

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