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AREDN on Hamvoip

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AREDN on Hamvoip
Hello all. Is it possible to connect AREDN to Hamvoip? I have two Hamvoip nodes I would like to connect. One is a UHF repeater and the other is a simplex node. On the repeater, I have DVSwitch Server connecting my TGIF talkgroup and I have Echolink, Hamshack hotline and Broadcastify connected. The simplex has nothing connected to it. If anyone can give me some advice or instructions for this, I would be grateful. Thank you very much. 73' de W2LPC.

W2LPC repeater located in South Plainfield, NJ. 07080
445.2750 (-) PL Tone 141.3 (Motorola CMD750's RX/TX 45watts)

Allstar Node Repeater #51284 (Hamvoip)
Allstar Node Simplex #53754 (Hamvoip)

Echolink -R Node #584598 (Permanent connection to repeater)

Hamshack Hotline #6100000044 or 94029 RF (VOIP system on Cisco SPA525G Linked to repeater and cellphone)

DMR ID #3179401 TGIF TG #91997 (Computer Geeks of America)
DMR TG 91997 Permanent connection to the repeater via DVSwitch Server

D-Star on REF001 C or REF030 C

Streaming on Broadcastify,53754,1999,1997

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