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AREDN at Hamvention 2019

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AREDN at Hamvention 2019
A passing ham took this photo of the AREDN booth at Hamvention 2019.  Left to right, Andre, K6AH, Mark N2MH, and me, W6BI.

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Andre, Nice Forum Presentation today at Hamvention
Andre gave a great presentation this afternoon at Hamvention.  We were given the cooks tour of all the latest AREDN
which was not only interesting but very helpful.  Thanks Andre.  And certainly our thanks to all of the AREDN team who
have worked tirelessly to give us a great tool to use.  If you missed Hamvention this year, you also missed a great
opportunity to see how AREDN is Amateur innovation at it's best.
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Thanks for your comments, Jim
Thanks for your comments, Jim.  It was great to see so many AREDN meshers at Hamvention.


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