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AREDN email subject line

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AREDN email subject line

     Can I suggest a change to the subject line that gets sent to members of the AREDN email list.  Every AREDN email I receive has the exact same subject;
"[Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network] content type subscription for" then my callsign.  There is no more room in my email client's subject display to see what the email is related to, so I have to open each email to see what it is about.  If the subject line was simply AREDN there would be sufficient space to see the actual subject of the email next to that.  Makes it much faster to scroll thru the emails and look at the subject of those of interest.  Just a suggestion.

Bill, N4SV

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AREDN email sublject line

Thanks for the suggestion. In my email client, the full subject line is always visible.
Example: [Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network] category subscription for WU2S: Map File Access
I do understand the need, so I will shorten the default subject line to see if that helps.
Randy WU2S


Thanks Randy, this is a real help scrolling thru the many AREDN emails that come in.

73, Bill, N4SV

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