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AREDN Deployment Tech Talk

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AREDN Deployment Tech Talk


I'm the engineering chair of the largest ham club in the St. Louis area (St. Louis & Suburban Radio Club) with about 275 members.  Our website is

In 2019, we'd like to deploy an AREDN network at our repeater sites and other roof tops around the area in conjunction with our members.  We are also going to team up with other clubs and our ARES team in the area to help share the knowledge to build out the network.

Before we start to deploy, is there anybody from the AREDN team that could do a quick 1 hour Q&A session with our engineering team via Google Hangouts to answer any outstanding questions we may have?

My email address is good on QRZ.


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I'm happy to help.  I'll email you.

Andre, K6AH

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Video conference

If you prefer, I can setup a video conference on for your event. This service works very well and is usable on all platforms,including smartphones. The AREDN team uses Zoom for its meetings.

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