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AREDN Build Process - Adding a Package

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AREDN Build Process - Adding a Package


Apologies for bothering you - I have been around C and Linux a long time and take it personally when I need to bother people  for help !

I want to build one of the packages that is included in the openwrt distro but not included in the AREDN build.

I have set up a brand new VM for my build environment, and successfully built v3.20.3 for ath79

The package kmod-mtd-rw is not built (there was a reference to this on an earlier post but I had a workaround at that time).

I would like to build it. 

I add the line


to aredn_ar71xx/configs/common.config

I run

        make MAINTARGET=ath79

again but the package doesn't compile or build.

The package manifest in the openwrt clone is there for the package I want.   I can see that configs/common.config gets copied to openwrt/.config but then the aredn makefile does something I don't understand - there is a line "make -C defconfig"  bur I can't see any target defconfig in the openwrt makefile and ultimately the reference to kmod-mtd-rw disappears from openwrt/.config, apparently before compilation takes place.

Where did  menuconfig go from the openwrt distro ?  I am guessing it isn't compatible with the AREDN build configuration.

I would be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction to be able to produce packages that are in openwrt but not included in the aredn build.   I don't intend to request that the package be added - better for me to get it working -  I am interested  in helping to reduce the items in the issue list rather than adding to them !



Bernie GM4WZG


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for defconfig, see this section in openwrt help docs here:

I'm not sure where this logic is in the openwrt Makefiles, but seems to be working as advertised.  

In the AREDN makefile, I tested one additional change, look for the section to install packages, and add a line:

            cd $(OPENWRT_DIR); ./scripts/feeds install kmod-mtd-rw

Then after doing a make, I am seeing this:

joe@AE6XE-VM:~/repos/aredn_ar71xx/openwrt$ !grep
grep -i mtd .config
# CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-block2mtd is not set
# CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-mtdoops is not set
# CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-mtdram is not set
# CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-mtdtests is not set



Great ! That did the trick

Great ! That did the trick first time and I have the ipk created.   Thanks for showing me the way, I think I was destined for a long struggle with this one..


Bernie GM4WZG


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