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AREDN APRS plugin?

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AREDN APRS plugin?

I was recently poking around looking to learn about APRS and stumbled upon YAAC (Yet Another APRS Client:

When reading though the information I noticed something under the "Optional Plugins for YAAC" section. There is a plugin called AREDNobjects.jar with a description "client to query AREDN mesh network information and convert to APRS Objects." I thought it sounded vague to me but was wondering if anyone here knew what this was or any details I could read about. Currently having an AREDN node and looking into APRS anything I can lean that utilizes the both sounds interesting

Thanks in advance to anyone that can shed some light on this. 

I too am interested in this. 

I too am interested in this.   

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Feature Request: Publish Node Location to APRS objects (yr 2016)
Instructions for YAAC plugin

The AREDN plugin for YAAC works as an optional extension to the YAAC ("Yet Another APRS Client") application, and requires that YAAC be running with the plugin installed and configured. Once you have YAAC installed and running, go to the Help->Install Plugins menu choice, and request installing the AREDN Objects plugin. Then go to File->Configure->Expert Mode, select the AREDN tab, and tell YAAC the name or address of your local AREDN node that can be queried for the mesh information (your computer running YAAC will have to be on the back-side LAN of your mesh node, and be able to do DNS hostname lookups from the mesh). YAAC will then periodically query the routing table in your node and the status information of all the nodes listed in your routing table and use the node name, band, channel, and location to create an APRS Object for each node with valid location coordinates. These Objects will only be displayed on the local YAAC map unless you configure YAAC to transmit the generated Objects to the APRS network (presumably, you would have configured YAAC with a TNC and/or APRS-IS connection before doing this).

Note that configuring your computer's operating system to be able to route both to the mesh and to a normal Internet connection is a separate issue.

Hope this helps.

Andrew, KA2DDO
author of YAAC
MeshPotts network node KA2DDO-QTH

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  Is there a video on how to

  Is there a video on how to install YAAC? 

I have installed it a couple

I have installed it a couple of times on a raspberry pi using the instructions at : .

If I can install it as a complete rookie the odds are good just about anyone can do so. There are a few videos on YouTube like: That walk though the install process, and countless videos diving into YAAC settings and configurations. I have not had a whole lot of time to play with it with my schedule but the little bit I did get to play with was quite intersting and user friendly. 

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