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AREDN Alert Message (AAM) Refresh: Tell me more.

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AREDN Alert Message (AAM) Refresh: Tell me more.

AREDN Alert Message (AAM) Refresh
The AREDN® development team may post messages which Internet-connected nodes can automatically download.
You can execute the aam.refresh action if you want your node to retrieve any new messages without having to wait for the next auto-refresh window.

Click the Execute button to trigger an immediate message retrieval. This will retrieve all alerts eligible for display on your node, whether they come from the AREDN® server over the Internet or from a local message source on your mesh network.

AREDN Alerts Local Path

When, exactly, is the 'auto-refresh window'?
Every ## seconds, minutes, hours?
Daily at 0001 UTC?

Can an AAM be 'pushed' externally, instead of 'pulled' by browsing and authenticating on the node and clicking a button?

I use a RPi NWS weather alert capture program (PIWXRX, Martin VE6VH) which 'pushes' NWS weather alerts to my
PBX (Meshphone, Mark N2MH) which I then decode to <node-names.txt> (currently hourly).
Different county lists to different node-name.txt based on common weather patterns.

 I would like to be able to 'push' a weather alert to the AREDN Alert Banners on certain nodes within minutes instead of
waiting for an 'auto-refresh window'.


Link to a video explaining them

Link to a video explaining how to use them:

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Hi, Steve:
Many thanks for the video.

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NWS AAM banner

Automagically storing the last NWS alert broadcast.
Creating a banner.txt message based on certain counties for certain nodes every 9 minutes.
Nodes reload AAM file every 9 minutes.
Captured a flood warning today.
Thanks for all the good work and assistance.



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