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AREDN at the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon

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AREDN at the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon

The 44th Marine Corps Marathon was held on October 27, 2019.

For the last several years, D-STAR ID-1 radios (and 9600bps packet radios) have been used to provide medical communications back to the runner database. Last year, AREDN nodes were used to connect the medical tents and the net operations tent as part of a test. This year, AREDN was tested across the entire racecourse. The success metrics of 75% (connect to the AREDN network) and 50% (connect to the runner medical database) were used this year to set moderate goals. Both metrics were achieved! In 2020, the test will be expanded to increase the success metrics to 90% and 85%, respectively. 

Links to the PDF presentation slides, and slides with handout notes, are provided below:



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Awesome work guys!   You
Awesome work guys!   You should do a write up and submit it to QST on this!
Great story.
Excellent showcase for AREDN
Well done, Mark & team -- what a great showcase for the value of AREDN -- and for the value of having those frequencies remain available for AREDN use.  Thanks for the comprehensive write-up!
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Planning and Lessons Learned
Thank you for the detailed descriptions of the planning done and the many lessons learned from this effort. This will greatly help others who are planning or extending AREDN networks.

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