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AREDN at the 2018 Marine Corp Marathon

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AREDN at the 2018 Marine Corp Marathon

The Marine Corp Marathon was held on October 28, 2018. For the last several years, D-STAR ID-1 radios (and 9600bps packet radios) have been used to provide medical communications back to the runner database. This year, AREDN was tested as a possible replacement to the existing equipment.

The 2018 test successfully linked together all of the medical tents and the net operations tent. In 2019 the test will be expanded to cover the entire race course. The PDF presentation (see link below) shows the deployed equipment at each of the medical tent locations as well as a relay node used to transition out of an "urban canyon" setting.




2019 Marathon
I am moving to Ft Belvoir in the coming months and wanted to see if you were looking for some help with this year's event?

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Count me in.

I'd also like to volunteer for 2019 MCM.
I noticed an issue that you guys mentioned last year about getting equipment out to a certain point because it was blocked off to all vehicle traffic.
I bought a new antenna mast system that rolls up. I'll be able to fit two 3 meter masts (20ft tall combined), a 12Ah LiFePo4 battery, and a MikroTik or Ubiquiti AREDN node in a small backpack that I can run out on foot and deploy where necessary.  

Here is the 3 meter RolaTube Mast that I can ziptie to the side of a street sign or lamp post with a sleeve connecting 2 of them:

I'm going to test it on a windy day to see if it will support one of the BaseBox2/Altelix 17dB 'bazooka' antenna combos that we roll out.

-Damon K9CQB

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Thanks for the Rolatube info
Damon, that stuff is amazing!  Thanks very much for sharing the information about Rolatube.  What a great idea for truly "man portable" operations.  I'll definitely be checking it out.  THX
Steve  KC0EUW
MCM 2019 Planning Underway

Planning is underway for AREDN support of the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon, to take place on Sunday, 10/27/19.  This year we plan to expand the scope to provide connections at several of the Aid Stations throughout the course (in Arlington County, VA, and Washington, DC).  The first planning session will take place on Saturday, 8/17/19.  If you'd like to participate, drop a line to

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Count me in. I'll be there.
Ben and Mark,
I'll be there at the planning meeting and I'll bring some kit.

-Damon K9CQB

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