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AR300 Problem

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AR300 Problem
The AR300 is advertised to support POE.  I have applied 5V POE to both of the ethernet ports
and nothing lights up.  Is the ad wrong?

AR300M16 no support for PoE

To my knowledge the GL.iNet AR300M16 hardware does not support PoE power -- it must be powered with 5v microUSB.
The GL.iNet models that do support PoE only support IEEE 802.3af -- this means they require 48v on their WAN port from a 802.3af compliant switch or injector.  However, only specific models have PoE support -- only the ones that have a PoE module installed on their pcb.  You either need to purchase it pre-installed directly from GL.iNet or buy the PoE board and solder it to the pcb yourself.  You need to check the GL.iNET documentation for information on this feature -- example link included.

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