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AR150 won't connect to the Internet

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AR150 won't connect to the Internet

Hello Laides and Gents
I am new to AREDN and need some help pleasse!
My AR150 won't connect to the internet. I have tried every reset in the book.
The error message: The remote device or resource won't accept the connection.
I have changed the DNS server setings, DHCP setingS and Lan seting and much more.
This means I cant enter my call sign or any info to log into the AR150.

Looked at every Youtube video out there. Now pulling my hair out.
My only hope is you guys if you could help please.

Kind regards

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How are you trying to connect
How are you trying to connect the AR150 to the internet?  As in, what is connected to what?
Using the correct port?
What version of AREDN firmware are you running on the AR150?
I assume you're using the WAN port to connect to your Internet router?
More info on GL.iNet Ethernet Port Usage at that link in the README file too.
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Did you figure it out?
Assuming you can login to the default firmware, step 1 would be to make sure you install the correct firmware via the default OS interface.

Refer to the AR-150 setup guide.

Remember this:

Be sure to uncheck the Keep Settings checkbox, since GL.iNet settings are incompatible with AREDN® firmware.

Wait a little for the firmware to load up.  Watch the network connection on your computer.  Eventually it will change from the default network you were on when you accessed the default OS over to a special 10.x.x.x IP address.  Once you see that, plug your router into the WAN and computer into the LAN port.  Look for the Default Gateway (in windows, right click on the adapter in Network Connection, Status, Details, IPv4 Gateway.  

Next, open up a new web browser tab and go to the default gateway address which will be a 10.x.x.x number.  

Once inside, you would see a WAN address that matches your router's DHCP pool.

Hope that helps.


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