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Anyone using the 44.x.x.x network with AREDN?

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Anyone using the 44.x.x.x network with AREDN?

I'd be curious if anyone is using the 44.x.x.x network with AREDN.  If so, I'd like to hear what you're using it for.


Andre, K6AH

interested a well

I am curious a well. I have a block for AMPRNet and was thinking about how it could be used with AREDN on a few occasions. 

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Anyone using the 44.x.x.x network with AREDN?

I am curious as well.
The only benefit I see is that

  • everyone with a 44NET address has been vetted by
  • they support a 'stratum 2' NTP service.

Otherwise, using 44NET adds some overhead to every link.

Chuck nc8q


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Yes! We have a node on the 44/ network

Hi Andre et al,

Try this node at the JPL:

This makes the node accessible from outside the mesh, but you cannot use the node list to jump to other ones (since you cannot "jump into" the 10.* network) from outside.   We set it up a while ago (thanks to Joe and Don) for convenience.   We had the IP range from for other reasons ( so it was not hard to get a node set up for the mesh).

-Jonathan KF6RTA

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would you get the same

would you get the same capability if you just port forwarded from an external router to your node?  (without having to modify the node)
Curious, if there are other benefits that you are gaining?

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That's what I was after

Thanks Jonathan.  That's what I was after.  Darryl, K5DLQ poses a good question.


You could use them as freebie

You could use them as freebie static IP's if you can get them BGP advertised by your isp.

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Mesh <-> AMPR Gateway

Here in New Jersey I have a /24 allocation on AMPRnet as well as another /24 allocation for my location in North Carolina, both on the ipip tunnel network. I do not announce my allocations via BGP to the Internet. Thus, my connectivity is limited to the ipip network.

I have been able to set up a gateway between Mesh and AMPRnet for services, but not network routing. Some of the services are telephony, email, web and DMR.

For telephony, I have connectivity into several PBX's in Europe via HAMNET. Users on either MeshPhone or HAMNET can directly dial users on the other network.

Email can be relayed between networks. I have an active destination on AMPRnet that receives email notifications of alerts broadcast over the local NOAA WX Transmitter, KWO35 in New York City.

N2MH-Web is reachable from either network and carries the same content. I have a proxy running on my N2MH-Hub that allows mesh users to surf the AMPRnet. It also works the other way allowing AMPRnet users to view various Mesh networks.

Finally, I have a DMR master running on hblink that is reachable from either network. It uses Talk Group 6374 which does not appear on any Internet server.

For the full rundown, go to N2MH-Web.local.mesh or

73, Mark, N2MH
MeshPhone: 973-2111
HamNet: 62206142

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