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Anyone used an IRIS Video Phone by ACN?

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Anyone used an IRIS Video Phone by ACN?

I picked up two of these cheap off Amazon ~$25 USD each. They come up on the network and acquire IP addresses but complain that there is no digital phone service. There is a WAN port, a LAN port, and what appears to be an RJ-11 phone jack.

Has anyone used these or have any pointers on how to configure them? I have a RasPBX (Pi 3B with RasPBX OS image which bundles Raspian Jesse, Asterisk, and FreePBX) but haven't configured it yet. I thought I'd try a simple test with IP to IP dialing but can't get to first base with these. 

I do have two analog phones mated with 2 Grandstream HT701's. IP to IP dialing works fine with those.

BTW, these take 6VDC power and the wall wart is rated at 3 amp.


This should help. Good luck. Let us know if you get it working.

Thanks for the steer! Might be a while before I get to this as I'm getting stuff ready for Field Day. I appreciate you sending the link!
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I picked up one of these with
I picked up one of these with the hope of getting it working on the mesh. Did you get anywhere with it?

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