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Any North West Pa Nodes?

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Any North West Pa Nodes?
Looking at the Arden map and cant help but notice how barren it looks. 
I would be interested in
I would be interested in building some Nodes in NW PA! 
WOW we are actually quite
WOW we are actually quite close! Looking at the topographical it would be less than a 15 mile link from our locations. The only problem is the ridge just south of Old State Road. I could be potentially moving in the spring (same general area,) so this may be an opportunity when the weather gets better if interested?
Send me a email at would like to chat with about this.
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Looking at the topographical...

and " when the weather gets better if interested?"

You guys might want to get started with $30 indoor devices and a tunnel.
Image is your path profile.

Image Attachments: 
Yup that is the ridge at the

Yup that is the ridge at the 11 mile mark is the "South of old state road" I referenced. I know we wouldn't be able to get a direct link from our two locations but a third node may alow for connections. Fortunately this close to the lake once you get north of that ridge it is mostly a slope north all the way to the lake to the point, depending on where you are in the city, you can see clear out over the lake until the horizon. 

This link shows the ridge from the Bay point of view. getting a node up on the ridge would cover a great amount of area here (although still not helping a link to N3WUT.)

Thank you, I knew those
Thank you, I knew those ridges would be a problem. Can you share the tool you used to generate that profile path?
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path profile
Glad you 2 found each other!

Get it going. Also I know Ohio is active. So look West too!

Keep us posted. Feel free to join our East Coast group io stuff referenced in the Forums for support (actual and moral).

YINZERS always welcome, more so with Primanti's sandwiches, but always WELCOME!

Ohio activity?
Where about in Ohio is ARDEN active? Looking on the map The closest I see is Cleveland area and just north of Akron. The Erie area is less than 25 miles line of sight from either the New York state border as well as Ohio. The 3 nearest nodes (Cleveland OH, Buffalo NY, and Pittsburgh Pa) are 100+ miles which would never work not to mention Pitts would have horrible line f sight due to topographical terrain. 

It would be cool some day to bridge New York to Ohio some day if ever possible. North of I-90 looks more forgiving and once you get close to the lake front it is pretty much all level terrain. This is based off map simulating so maybe my excitement of the project is a bit over optimistic...
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I'd love to see Lake Erie
I'd love to see Lake Erie circled with activity. Right now, we've got a few high profile nodes up on one building in Toledo, and a few people around with lower profile nodes, but mostly we're working portable. 
circling the lake would be an
circling the lake would be an awesome thing! would that much water have an effect on the signal though? Fog, lake effect snow, etc. 

If only we could get AREDN on top of the lighthouses around the lake :(
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If only we could get AREDN on top of the lighthouses around the

You may not need or want the top depending on the distance and elevation.
It may be unlikely that you would have the option, but
having the first (or odd) fresnel zone unobstructed and the 2nd (or even) fresnel zone obstructed
would be a good thing.
Perhaps there is a spiral staircase with window ports ?

Are there tidal effects on the lake?
If yes, how many feet amsl min, avg, max ?


The likelihood of
The likelihood of accomplishing this is probably next to zero as many lighthouses are privately owned. The rest are part of a lighthouse society and I am not sure they would even be receptive of the idea as many are historical buildings. I have visited a few and it just sparked the idea when the thought of surrounding the lake was mentioned. I know many lighthouses have ham events: ( ) and  ( ) but don't know if it is locally practiced. 

As for tidal forces on the great lakes, all bodies of water are effected by tidal forces. However it is miniscule (less than 2 inches) that it is usually just considered non tidal. That said we do have "Seiches"  ( ) that have a high/low period people may confuse with high/low tides. I guess these can get quite big.

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