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Any Nodes Near Danville, CA?

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Any Nodes Near Danville, CA?

I'm interested in getting up and running on the AREDN mesh network. However, I live in Danville, CA, and, looking at the AREDN Mesh Network Map (, I don't see any nodes anywhere near me.

Looking at the mesh map for the San Francisco Wireless Emergency Mesh Map (, I see a 5.8 GHZ node located on top of Mt. Diablo (KJ6DZB).  I have line of sight access to Mt Diablo.

Would I be able to link into the AREDN network via the node on Mt Diablo or is that reserved for the SFWEM?  Is there some reason that the node on Mt Diablo that appears on the SFWEM map doesn't appear on the AREDN map?

Thanks for you help.


John, KM6ZJT

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Hi John,

Hi John,
I believe the node on Mt Diabolo was a temporary test done in August. It must have gotten cached on the SFWEM map, but as far as I know it's not currently up.  That said, a number of us in the East Bay have hopes and plans to connect the SFWEM mesh across the hills to Mt Diabolo and all the areas around it: Concord, Walnut Creek, Danville, etc.  It's been slow going the last 6 months, but hopefully we can get back to work on the installs soon.  Would be great to have your support and help, so we can get connections out your way sooner rather than later.  

The person who did the test on Diabolo was is KJ6DZB. He is a strong advocate for expanding the network. I'm sure he would love to connect with you, and hope he will reply here. :-)

Looking forward to getting you connected.  -Chris KJ6WEG in Berkeley

I hve a node in Pleasanton.
I hve a node in Pleasanton. Wehave some in Livermore as well. Whats your exact address so we can map out of you can get this way?

Antenna height? antenna? Equipment? operating freq? bandwidth?channel?  etc?
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I was there :

I was there :

The MT Diablo node was a test, for a coming site install. 

John I know the south peak site will not have southern coverage.into Danville, because of its location on the hill. If you can provide a location we can work you into planning. Do you have any Equipment? 

73 Mathison KJ6DZB


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Will it be able to hit Pleasanton? Near the Pleasanton DMV? I have a node up.
Thanks very much for the

Thanks very much for the replies. In particular, thanks to KJ6DZB since my question was about his transceiver.

I do not yet have an AREDN compatible transceiver. My goal in posting the message was to see if KJ6DZB was a possible connection point. If that is not a currently active node, I was interested in finding out whether there is any possibility that I might be able to connect into the network any time soon.  And if there was a node close enough to me to connect to, I'd want to have a compatible transceiver. I'm open to acquiring whatever transceiver would enable me to connect into the network.

I live in Crow Canyon Country Club. My address is 527 Cambrian Way, Danville, CA.

Again, thanks to everyone for the quick replies.  I'm looking forward to hearing more about development of the AREDN network in the San Ramon Valley.

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