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Any hope for a NanoStation2?

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Any hope for a NanoStation2?

A fellow ham, just getting interested in Mesh, went out on his own and thought he was getting a good deal on Ebay and bought a "NanoStation2" (not M2) running factory AirOS 3.5 - I was able to upload (tftp) AREDN Nanostation "factory" firmware but it got rejected as invalid at the end of several tries.

Is there any hope for this old NanoStation2 and AREDN?

If not, perhaps there should be a warning on the Supported Platforms page for this model and the similar Bullet HP so folks wouldn't keep trying to use them???

- Don - AA7AU


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Unfortunately, the "2" (not
Unfortunately, the "2" (not "M2") devices have only 16MB RAM and 4MB Flash.   It has insufficient RAM and Flash to load the firmware.  the 32MB/*MB RAM/Flash device are barely enough and recommended only buying the 64MB RAM devices and the firmware can still fit in 8BM Flash, but 16MB is recommended, for future firmware.  

I'll defer to Randy and/or Darryl, should be straight forward and beneficial to add to the notes on the supported platform page to caution difference between "M2" and "2" devices.

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Updated the Supported Platform Matrix
There is now a Note #6 which states that the Nanostation2 and Bullet2 are NOT supported devices.

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