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Any AREDN in Chicagoland or NW Indiana

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Any AREDN in Chicagoland or NW Indiana
     I recently moved to Indiana, North West part of the state between Chicago and South Bend.  I haven't see any AREDN stations on the air nor heard of any AREDN activity from the local ham club.  So...anyone out there?  I have a couple of nodes running and they should be on the AREDN map, but currently from very limited locations.  I have a tunnel back to my ham friends back in Virginia that is putting me on the map  The local ham club has access to a very substantial tower, but I won't go thru the work to get a station on there until I know if there are other stations in the area.  I have a great view across Lake Michigan, and while it is 60+ miles to the Chicago area, it is of course dead flat and LOS should be great.  I'll hope to be moving my 2.4 Air Grid to the tower, and maybe also a 2.4 Bullet with an Omni for local access.  Let me know if you are out there, where you are located (anywhere around the lake is likely accessible) and I'll give a listen, or link to you over the tunnel.

73, Bill, N4SV/9

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