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Any advice for a Bricked MikroTik LHG XL HP5

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Any advice for a Bricked MikroTik LHG XL HP5

Hello Fellow members
K6BFG and I had a perfectly working MikroTik LHG XL HP5 running AREDN firmware at one of our sites. I decided to upgrade the firmware and I accidentally flashed it with Ubiquiti Litebeam M5 firmware. Needless to say, the unit is now bricked.

I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to fix this unit?

I tried going through the whole process of running tinypxe and using the reset button on the unit. Unit was never able to fetch a dhcp address.

Iv been researching and it seems NETINSTALL could be my solution.

Any help would greatly be appreciated

Thank you for your help!

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Unless you used the command

Unless you used the command line "sysupgrade -F" option, the wrong firmware would not have been accepted and the device should have rebooted with the same firmware.   Be sure to reset the network on the computer at each try.   Always recommended to use a dumb switch between the computer and the device when pressing the reset button to load firmware, this keeps the Ethernet links live when they need to be.


For some reason it did accept

For some reason it did accept the firmware. I too thought it doesnt accept incorrect firmware. The dumb switch is genius and I will give that a try today
I will report back
Thank you AE6XE

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Did this get sorted out? I

Did this get sorted out? I accidently loaded the nand firmware to my LHG instead of the nor and I'm not able to connect to the dish

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NetInstall should recover it.

If all else fails, NetInstall should be able to recover it.  Here is the manual for Netinstall:
And the Mikrotik software download page:

Make sure you download the correct file, and follow the NetInstall procedure to the letter.  It still often takes more than one attempt (although the only time I have do it, it worked on the fist try).

16+ hours and i can't get SXT to stick

I've gotten the rb.elf file to load and run plenty of times but every time I try to either disable the WAN dhcp/set pw/node name and reboot OR if I go direct to admin and pick the correct sysupgrade bin file I get stick in endless dhcp loops where leaving ip alone on or setting pc to dhcp I can't get the device to boot.   I can watch the device keep asking for dhcp address but no matter what I try I can't get the device to survive a reboot.

I suspect it might have to do with the settings of the routerboard boot.  I've tried several combinations of flash/namd/bootp/dhcp and still get the same thing over and over.

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Make sure you don't have it

Make sure you don't have it set to preserve settings. The settings may have been messed up by the incorrect firmware. 

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I've gotten the rb.elf file to load and run


Then you have gotten 1/2 way into the installation.
Complete the installation with the other 1/ loading the sysupgrade.bin immediately after booting the .elf image.

73, Chuck

1/2 way

What's where things go wrong.  I can get the DHCP boot to work every time I power up with the reset button pressed with tinyPXE but if I try updating password/node name and hitting save causing reboot I get nothing but DHCP requests and no boot, even after waiting 16 minutes.  

If I skip setting the node name/password and go directly to the administration page and attempting to load the sysupgrade bin file I get the wait 3 minutes screen and back to the same thing.  Nothing but DHCP traffic, never comes back with network active light on device, no pings on or the address it had on basic setup screen even if I set PC to IP in the devices LAN assignment.   I don't get much progress with turning my DHCP back on and trying to give the device an IP either.  

I've tried the .08 release, the currrent stable release, and the nightly release (each with their own bootloader .elf file booting just fine).   I've tried using winscp and putty to manually load/install sysupgrade file.   Nothing is working.   The device is plugged into a dumb switch along with the PC.

Looking the sysupgrade script  I see if the device is a specific model a standard rb model  that I have two of and have done this process twice with those units just fine, it unmounts the flash fs and formats it and then remounts the flash so I ran those commands by hand and got permissions errors (no SUDO as was root login).

So you see, I believe it's an issue with the SXT and the sysupgrade file or the script in the ram boot loader for it. I've tried to uncheck the keep settings box, nothing works.  I've got probably 20+ hours in trying to get that "part 2" to work.  I've done two other MikroTik boards but this SXT.. 5HP device is kicking my butt.

I can use the netinstall app to reload the routerOS flash and it works fine so I don't believe it's a HW problem but I'm out of ideas to even try.  No debugging informaiton on what is happening I'm not even sure how to provide more info than I have.


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What's where things go wrong. I can get the DHCP boot to work e
What's where things go wrong.  I can get the DHCP boot to work every time I power up with the reset button pressed with tinyPXE but if I try updating password/node name and hitting save


After booting the
, you do not set node name and password, yet.
You immediately go to the Administration page and load

Please confirm those files and those steps.

Aside: If you can get the device into TFTP mode, it is not 'bricked'. ;-)
This thread should have been a NEW post without the word 'bricked' in the title.
If this is about a SXT device then we should not have stolen this thread about a LHG XL HP5.
Though, until the nightlies, the LHGs and SXTs took the same firmware. :-|

73, Chuck

Conversation moved


Yes, you are right.  Should be new thread. I was looking for solutions to my problem that had already been solved.  New thread=

MikroTik SXT routerboard boot settings/Won't sysupgrade


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