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another IP video phone

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another IP video phone

I must be a telephone junkie; just can't get enough.

With the success of the Grandstream GXV3420 Android video phone on Mesh, got interested in it's bigger screen brother, the GXV3275:

Essentially a GVX3240... with a bigger screen. Had to have one, but bought used (wifey has been frowning a lot lately... hee-hee).

The 3275 functions like most all Grandstream IP phones; will make & receive calls via IP address (you can store IP addresses in the Speed Dial and Contact list), will work on SIP/PBX systems.  Has the HDMI port for big screen presentations, a switched secondary ethernet port, WiFi hotspot capability, Bluetooth, SD card slot.  In addition the 3275 has dual USB ports.

Here's a few pics of the 3275 next to a 3240:

displaying a Mesh IP cam (via an Android App)

Showing my Mesh node status page using FireFox browser

could not get representative  pics of this crystal clear - high contrast screen.  I've had it for about 2 weeks now; works great on Mesh.  During calls to another video phone (I have video called to 3240's)... the detail from the other end is surprising.


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