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Up and running in the San Fernando Valley

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Up and running in the San Fernando Valley

Hi all,
I finally gave in and purchased a Bullet M2 and a Netgear switch. It's up and running without anyone to talk to. I went with an omni antenna for now. I need to improve the mount on the roof (make it permanent). The antenna is only a single story up so only people with a little height will be able to hear it.

Right now, it is a bit of an island. The lone node in the Valley without much altitude. I hope that having *something* on the map in the Valley will spur someone else to setup something.

I'm working on bringing up a tunnel thanks to Don Hill, KE6BXT. For some reason it isn't coming up right now. I suspect a typo somewhere. 


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Jeff, we're working on getting an access node on Chatsworth Peak, but we're a few months away.  
Other hams in the San Fernando Valley that may have nodes up are David Goldenberg W0DHG, and Chris Seitz, WA6VHA, both in Woodland Hills.

Make sure you're on Channel -2 with 20 MHz Bandwidth.  Besides the default SSID of AREDN, try SSID BroadbandHamnet.  That's a legacy SSID that some users might still be using.

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(Hopefully NOT channel -2 at
(Hopefully NOT channel -2 at 20Mhz.  You would be in violation of Part 97 and your radio would be transmitting out of band)
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My bad, Darryl; of course you're correct - been working too much on 3 and 5 GHz lately.

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