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AMO-2G13 Not Omnidirectional

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AMO-2G13 Not Omnidirectional

Ubiquiti advertises their AMO-2G13 antenna as being omnidirectional, but if you look at the horizontal pattern on their web site, it is 5 dB down on the
"sides".  How can one determine the directions of maximum radiation by looking at the antenna?  I wrote to Ubiquiti and asked this question but they did not reply.


I will take a guess.

I will take a guess.

Since the horizontal and vertical azmuth patterns look to 'balance out', as long as you use a dual polarity (h+v) on the other end, it doesn't matter?

That's my best guess.

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AMO-2G13 Antenna Information

I reviewed the patterns and share the assessment from KB9OIV.

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