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Am I doing it right? Tunnel server

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Am I doing it right? Tunnel server

Hi all,

With a number of VKs now looking to come on to the AREDN train, until we have some RF links up and running I am happy to host a number of Tunnel to them.

Under Tunnel server on my GLI AR750 I have one working perfectly to VK4PUP - connects in seconds and off we go.

To add a second - this is to another ar750 that I use portable - I added the name exactly as it appears, it is given a new network ip etc, decent password etc - it just never connects.


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I'd check a few things. First

I'd check a few things. First, I'd make sure each node has a unique name, and that it's typed in exactly right on the server side of the tunnel. Next thing, I'd make sure the remote node has a direct, non-firewalled, internet connection. I've got one node I help manage that will tunnel out via cellular connections, but won't via the wifi connection where it normally sits due to a firewall in the middle that we have no access to configure.

Thanks, as I said one tunnel

Thanks, as I said one tunnel client is connected perfectly. The other device is also inside my home network going out and back to the tunnel connection etc. It simply won't connect.  Confirmed password, confirmed network, confirmed name is the same.


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May need a hairpin NAT

I want to confirm what you are doing.  You have both the client node and the server node on the same LAN, but can I assume you are configuring the client node to point to the external IP or domain name of the server that will be used when the client node is moved off premise.  That can cause an issue depending on how your router is configured.  It may need what's commonly called a "hairpin NAT".  Many consumer grade routers can't handle that situation.
For testing, change the server entry on the client setup page to the IP for the WAN connection for the server.

Thanks! I thought about

Thanks! I thought about something like that so was using my phone hot spot to test the WAN WIFI, but as below once I unticked placeholders it worked AND worked inside my network too!

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Name length

The length of a tunnel device name is more limited than a regular config.  Try limiting it to no more than 22 characters.

Orv W6BI

thanks Orv, thought of that

thanks Orv, thought of that too the name is "VK1MIC-MINI" so well under limit

Ok so I had some place

Ok so I had some place holders in so Tunnel 1 worked, Tunnel 2&3 were place holders and 4 was the one I wanted to connect. I unticked 2&3 and bang 4 connected.


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